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Virtual Learning Academy

Community Arts Experience (C.A.E.)

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C.A.E.'s Virtual Learning Academy (CAE VLA), a division of C.A.E. Education and Training Center, Inc., provides a wide range of virtual arts-infused learning courses and workshops for children, adults, and seniors.


Students will receive individualized discovery and learning plans based on their goals, current academic standing, and style of learning. A support team of professional community educators, entrepreneurs, artists, and mentors are selected to build a strong foundation for achievement.

Engaging classes

  • Learn, share, and study in working groups.

  • Acquire skills for the future of work such as collaboration

  • Ask the Instructor silent questions and easily participate in polls and quizzes.

  • Share content and participate in the discussion using any device.

How We Help Schools

CAE VLA helps schools and districts easily expand course offerings and introduce students to new subjects and interests, as well as additional options for college and career.

Virtual programs also help schools and districts:

  • Reengage at-risk students

  • Recover lost enrollments and the funding associated with them

  • Expand summer school offerings

  • Address teacher shortages



Divergent Project

C.A.E.'s Divergent Project employs The National Curriculum and Training Institute (NCTI) Crossroads® Cognitive-Behavioral Change System to teach pro-social behaviors through an interactive learning process. The curriculum focuses on the relationship between values, attitudes, and behaviors as they relate to the decision making process.  

This workshop is in partnership with One Kingdom Ministries

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LOL Virtual Piano

Lessons on the Lake’s (LOL) “Virtual Piano Academy” is a 21st Century web-based interactive technology designed to eliminate barriers to learning piano while reducing the emotional stress-induced by trauma.

This workshop is in partnership with Lessons on the Lake

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