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The Students Taking Ownership Mentoring Project (S.T.O.M.P.) is a countywide prevention program designed to combat all forms of violence before it begins by employing a comprehensive faithbased non-denominational model to transform culture holistically. Anticipated outcomes will positively impact youth grades 5 -12, their families, and, ultimately, the community. 

Services will be offered in a safe and productive environment (S.T.O.M.P. Safe HUB) where participating youth and their families will be encouraged to be introspective, empowered to lead, and equipped to address the mental, social, and economic triggers that attribute to violent behaviors.

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Four youth-led community incubators will educate and empower Ambassador Leaders to raise the awareness of issues that affect their communities and enable them to facilitate deliberate action plans and strategic solutions to deter violence


Each quadrant will provide evidence-based and data-driven programs and services by trauma-informed community C.A.E. Champion Leaders. Community champion leaders provide consistent mentorship, advocacy, and arts-infused curriculum to encourage positive emotional, spiritual, and social development participants, and proven support systems.

S.T.O.M.P. has four overarching project goals to address the identified risk factors associated with violence.

The project goals are:

  1. to increase community awareness and understanding of adverse childhood experiences, resilience and trauma-informed care;

  2. to build resilience through biblical principles, faith-driven engagement activities and peer-led initiates;

  3. to break the cycles of adversity through skills development, arts-infused learning activities, reverse and peer group mentoring, an efficient holistic system of care for youth and their families; and

  4. to create safe spaces for youth where they can come together, engage in activities, and express themselves in a healthy respectable manner.

The anticipated outcomes of the program will be realized over six phases. The success of those outcomes will be measured by several evaluation methods including self-evaluation surveys, interviews, forms, and forms over time, against a pre-determined set of criteria (Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Participants that graduate from the program are assessed on a semi-annual basis.



C.A.E. Resilient Church Equipping Solution:

This equipping solution provides pastoral care, recovery, grief, elder care, and crisis intervention training opportunities to empower congregants to adopt the attitude, skills, and knowledge to become a resilient church community.

C.A.E. POSITIVE Disruption:

Character & Leadership Development Training is C.A.E.’s required core curriculum for all ages. This course involves group sessions that allow the participants to gain insight into the differences between values, attitudes, and behavior to encourage an intrinsic desire to change.


Parent and Family Engagement Program:

This program involves adults and their youth working together to create a community that values young people while developing the skills they need to build healthy families.

C.A.E. Prep4Work™ Workforce Readiness Training:

Prep4Work™ specializes in minimizing the gaps between opportunities and readiness. Students will learn practical job-finding skills, earn career credentials, practice positive and professional behavior, and explore their strengths and values.


C.A.E. TV Productions Media Program:

This project-based visual arts program provides technical instruction and practical experiences for aspiring videographers and filmmakers. Participating students will assist in the production of C.A.E. branded TV Shows.


C.A.E. SWAGG Station Dance TV Show:

This show documents monthly youth recreational dances designed to create connectivity and fun-filled safe spaces. C.A.E.’s SWAGG Station is loosely based on the CBS variety show Soul Train and presented on the World Wide Web, and Amazon Fire and Roku streaming devices. Go to SWAGG Station Page Here . 




Government Agencies & Elected Officials

Bruce Rosa, Mercer County Sheriff

John Libonati, Mercer County Coroner

Pennsylvania Parole Board – Mercer District


Faith-Based Organizations

Bethel Life Worship Center

Chain Breaking Corporation


Kingdom Unification

Life Center – Greenville

Mercer County Christian Millennial Leaders

Monarch Care Global Ministries, Inc.

One Kingdom Ministries

Prince of Peace

Too Far Out Farm, Inc.

Valley Baptist Church



BluSkyzz Unlimited

Capable Kids, LLC

Children’s Aid Society of Mercer County

Crossroads Group Homes & Services, Inc.

Encompass Consulting

Griffin Legal Group, LLC

Haven Professional Counseling, LLC

H.O.T.Y.'s Gourmet Grille, LLC

Kent Le Mar Productions, Inc.

Lesson’s on the Lake Music Academy, Inc.

London Bridges Consulting, LLC

Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission, Inc.

Mercer County (Farrell) Family Center

Newbyginning, LLC

OneBodyBrand, LTD

Parkside Psychological Associates, Inc.

Pleasant Renovations, LLC

Prime Local Mercer County T.V. Network

Project 16

The 9ine Media Group Services, Inc.

Zion Education Center (CYPEN Division)


C.A.E. introduced the S.T.O.M.P. initiative in 2012 after a series of homicides that rocked the Canton, Ohio community.  Approximately 45 agencies within the community, in partnership with the Canton City Police Department and Canton City Schools, united together to support the strategic plan to combat violence. Approximately 152 students were impacted each consecutive year.

For more information, please download the brochure here. Or, you may call us at (866) 961.2239.

This initiative is endorsed by the Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission, Inc.