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Health & Well-being Initiatives




C.A.E.'s Arts-N-Motion program combines the power of the performing arts, physical activity, and therapy to provide a unique and innovative approach to addressing the negative effects of trauma on the emotional and psychological well-being of school-age children and adults. Our program recognizes the close link between mental and physical health and allows participants to improve both through creative expression and movement. Through participating in our workshops, individuals can expect to gain tools and skills to help them cope with the aftermath of trauma and improve their overall mental and physical health in a creative and expressive way.


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"Soul In Action" 16-Week Drama Therapy Workshop (Grades 4+)

Psychodrama is a powerful therapeutic tool that utilizes role-playing, storytelling, and other experiential techniques to help individuals process and heal from past experiences. This workshop will allow participants to re-enact past experiences in a safe and controlled environment, leading to greater insight, understanding, and emotional resolution.

An awards ceremony will be held immediately following each presentation to recognize and reward participants for their classroom and personal goal accomplishments.


  • Improved emotional regulation: Participants will learn techniques to manage their emotions better, reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma, and improve their ability to cope with stress.
  • Increased self-esteem: Participants will develop a greater sense of self-worth and confidence as they explore and express their thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Improved communication: Participants will develop better communication skills by expressing themselves in a variety of ways, such as through role-playing, storytelling, and movement.
  • Increased empathy: Participants will develop empathy and understanding for others by exploring the perspectives of others through role-playing and other experiential techniques.
  • Increased problem-solving skills: Participants will develop problem-solving skills by exploring creative solutions to problems and conflicts through role-playing and other techniques.
  • Increased resilience: Participants will develop greater resilience by working through past traumas and challenges in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Addressing specific issues: The program will address issues such as addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and others.
  • Long-term change: Participants will experience a long-term transformation in their emotional regulation, self-esteem, communication, empathy, problem-solving skills, and resilience.


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"Dancing Lights" 16-Week Workshop (Grades 4+)

Participating students are introduced to a series of choreographed dance routines incorporating training aids to assist in meeting individualized fitness goals.


The end-of-course highlight will be a “Spectacular Display of Dancing Lights” performance. Students will present a prop-filled, high-intensity, choreographed musical performance to the community. LED-Lit poi balls & jump ropes, hula hoops, basketballs, and other training aids will add to the excitement of the show while demonstrating the students’ level of dexterity. 

An awards ceremony will be held immediately following each showcase to recognize and reward students for their classroom and physical fitness goal accomplishments.

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"Cyber-Dance"  24-Week Music Video & Gaming Workshop (Grades 6+)

Participating students will be introduced to a series of choreographed step routines that highlights the ties between the cultural history and relevance of stepping, college life, and academic achievement. Once students learn the basic elements of stepping, they ultimately collaborate with each other to produce their own music video and dance video game.

An awards ceremony will be held immediately following each showcase to recognize and reward students for their classroom and physical fitness goal accomplishments.


  • Provide a stimulating learning environment for participating students to acquire the education and skills needed early on in life to make positive decisions that support proper nutrition and physical activity to reduce disease and death rates from chronic diseases.
  • Create, cultivate, and sustain social networks that promote healthy living through moral reinforcements by optimizing social and emotional competencies to live successfully as contributing citizens for the common good.
  • 21st Century Skills Development
  • Expand students’ capacity to know that success is possible.
  • Create an appreciation and understanding of the broad spectrum of arts education and culture.
AIM - Equine Edition Logo 2.png



C.A.E.’s Arts-N-Motion: Equine Edition eight-week workshop was designed to encourage our participants to create their own pathways in life, and to effectively navigate a pathway that connects education and employment to achieve a fulfilling, financially-secure and successful career within the equine industry and beyond. According to The Impact of Equine Activities on Youth Development study conducted by the Pennsylvania State University Department of Dairy and Animal Science - working with horses help develop positive values and life skills that are transferred to a young person’s daily life. The study found that 25 percent of youths’ life skills development are attributable to their development of horsemanship skills.

AIM's Equine Edition workshop is a creative and fun-filled holistic approach to exposing underserved youth (Grades 6+) to various career opportunities within the equine industry while incorporating social and emotional development, health, wellness, and fitness education for the betterment of the communities they live and work in.  

Weekly equine lessons will teach students how to handle, care for, groom, breed, tack up, and ride gentle and well-trained horses. Lessons will also include unique and engaging activities with horses that incorporate physical fitness training and the reinforcement of life skills such as communication, confidence, emotional identification and regulation, teamwork, trust, respect, responsibility, integrity, and perseverance.


Eligible students will be encouraged to join the interscholastic equestrian association in preparation for equestrian competitions. This allows students to have an opportunity to earn scholarships toward their college education through awards in competitions and sportsmanship activities.


  • Provide an opportunity for participating students to acquire the education and skills needed to make positive decisions that support a healthy and physically active lifestyle.
  • Encourage foundations of moral reinforcements and optimize social and emotional competencies to live successfully as a contributing citizen for the common good.
  • To promote college and career readiness for youth with various interests’ and careers within the equine industry and beyond.


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