Why should I become a C.A.E. Complex Member?

Community Arts Experience, Inc. (C.A.E.) complex members are vital in transforming culture. As a complex member, you have the opportunity to further your impact, affect change, and leave a lasting impression within the communities we live in and serve. Below are some of the benefits of becoming a C.A.E. complex member.



Your association with the C.A.E. brand conveys that you demonstrate integrity, provide high-quality products and services, are ethical, and are team-oriented.



As a member, you will receive the most up-to-date information on career and technical education offerings.



Receive deep discounts on C.A.E. trainings and events, and marketing.



Network with other peer professionals to share ideas and learn new ones. Meet new people in our community whom you wouldn't have met otherwise and grow your customer base.



Advertising and sponsorship opportunities allow you to reach the largest audience in the marketplace industry to grow your brand and advance your business initiatives. Gain exposure to our members and event attendees through digital content and live events platforms.



Membership provides an avenue to "give something back" in service to your community. While this in itself is an admirable thing to do, it's a win-win transaction as it also raises your profile in the professional community.



As a Member, C.A.E. helps to shine a light on outstanding work that should be showcased but might otherwise have remained undiscovered.

About C.A.E.'s Prep4Work™ Complex Membership Program


C.A.E.'s Prep4Work™ Complex Membership Program combines experiential learning and mentoring opportunities for youth and young adults ages 15+ with an interest in the Hospitality Industry. Participants are paired with C.A.E. professional members to develop essential soft skills and the emotional intelligence to use those skills for greater success in a high-demand industry. 

For more information on how to become a member or student participant, please contact Ms. LaShay Nixon, CLO, at l.nixon@caeww.com or (866) 961.2239 ext. 5.

  • Community Member

    Every year
    4-Hour Complex Access Per Option. Additional Fees Apply.
    • ►Opt. 1: Small Conference Room + Additional Fee Per Event
    • ►Opt. 2: Large Conference Room + Additional Fee Per Event
    • ►Opt. 3: Gymnasium Access + Additional Fee Per Event
    • * 10% CAE Volunteer Discount Option
    • * 20% Discount Off Gym Membership Regular Price
  • Ambassador Member

    Every month
    No Additonal Fees.
    • * Choice of Two (2) "Vendors Choice Pick" Options Per Month
    • * 10% CAE Volunteer Discount Option
    • * 20% Discount Off Gym Membership Regular Price
    • * 50% Discount Off Champion Member Package - Opt. 2 & 3 Only
  • Champion Member

    Every month
    Up to Three (3) Sessions Per Month at 3-Hours Per Session
    • ►Opt. 1: Small Conference Room - No Additional Fees
    • ►Opt. 2: Large Conference Room - No Additional Fees
    • * 10% CAE Instructor/Mentor Discount Option
    • * 20% Discount Off CAEtv Advertisement Packages
    • * 20% Discount Off Gym Membership Regular Price

PAYMENT/AUTOMATIC RENEWAL: You agree to be charged at the time of subscription based on the type of membership plan you have selected. Your subscription will be renewed automatically and billed to your credit card/PayPal account at the beginning of each subscription period until you cancel the service. You may cancel at any time by following the procedure described in our Cancellation Policy below. The monthly subscription plans are renewed automatically on 30-day intervals, and the annual subscriptions plans are renewed automatically on 365-day intervals. CANCELLATION POLICY: All memberships and subscriptions provided by Community Arts Experience, Inc. (C.A.E.) will automatically renew. Cancellation request must be submitted by email to admin@caeww.com at least 48 hours before the renewal date. Cancellation notice sent to admin@caeww.com will terminate future use of the service and automatic renewals will end. There are no refunds.