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Casting TV Hosts and Dancers Ages 10 - 15 For a Fresh New Teen Dance Show Airing Soon!



SWAGG Station Web Show

Community Arts Experience (CAE) of Pennsylvania presents the' SWAGG Station' Web Show!


Four (4) web shows will feature SWAGG Dancers showcasing the latest dance moves and fashion to present on the World Wide Web, Amazon Fire, and Roku streaming devices. CAE's 'SWAGG Station' show concept is loosely based on the 1970s variety show Soul Train.


     Prior to submitting your video, please follow the directions carefully. Contact Ms. Traci at (866) 961-2239 x 7 for any questions or concerns.

STEP 1:   Complete CAE’s STOMP pre-registration form online HERE >>


STEP 2:   Once contacted by your assigned CAE STOMP Ambassador Leader, complete the student enrollment registration, liability waiver, and media release forms.

STEP 3:   Join the CAE Network™ and create your profile. For technical assistance, contact Ms. Traci.


STEP 4:   Create your 1-minute video and upload it to the network.


Video Submission Instructions for HOSTS:

Submit your video stating why you should be selected as CAE’s SWAGG Station TV Show host. Please note that your video should not exceed one (1) minute.


Video Submission Instructions for DANCERS:


Submit your video showcasing the latest dance moves or your own dance choreography. Please note that your video should not exceed one (1) minute.



Deadline for Application and Video Submissions: Saturday, September 28, 2024

Casting Call Dates, If Selected:  Saturday, October 12, 2024 - Time TBD

SWAGG Station Web Show is a component of CAE's STOMP (Students Taking Ownership Mentoring Project) Countywide Initiative.

For more information, visit

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