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 A CAEtv Production




Recent research indicates that children exposed to multiple risk factors in their families, at school, among their peers, and in their communities are at greater risk of becoming severe violent juvenile offenders. Join us in the fight to instill accountability, education, and empowerment of our youth - AND PARENTS TOO!


Community Arts Experience (CAE) presents CAE's 'SWAGG Station' Web Show to create safe youth spaces of creativity, learning, and fun. This program offers supervised recreational dances for Middle School at-risk youth ages 12-14 to introduce prevention strategies in dealing with alienation, substance abuse disorder, delinquency, and violence risk factors. 


In collaboration with Zion Education Center, The 9ine Media Group Services, Newbyginning, OneBodyBrand, Project 16, The Bigsbee Group, Monroe Media Consulting, and Prime Local Mercer County Digital TV Network, four (4) web shows will feature CAE's SWAGG Dancers showcasing the latest dance moves and fashion to present on the World Wide Web, Amazon Fire, and Roku streaming devices. CAE's 'SWAGG Station' show concept is loosely based on the 1970s televised show Soul Train. Special appearances from local and national music artists will perform within each episode.


In addition to filming, participants are required to attend weekly character & leadership development courses facilitated by CAE Certified Partners and Ambassador Mentors. Parents of participating students must enroll as CAE Mentor Coalition members and regularly participate in monthly coalition meetings.


Aspects of Identity

  • A Sense of Self-Awareness

  • A Sense of Safety and Structure

  • High Self-Worth and Self Esteem

  • Belonging and Membership

Areas of Ability

  • Perception of Responsibility and Autonomy

  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health

  • Intellectual Health

  • Civic and Social Involvement


  • Real Colors® Session

  • Character Counts® (Drug & Alcohol Course)

  • Ethical Leadership Certification

Additional Workshop Options:

  • Intro to Media Production

  • Intro to Dance (Tap & Freestyle)


This program is a component of CAE's Students Taking Ownership Mentoring Project (STOMP).

To learn more about the STOMP Countywide initiative, click here.