There is strength in numbers. Partnerships allow various individuals, businesses, and organizations to join together and make even more significant strides in improving their community and the world. Partnering together either in your area or nationally can provide many benefits to further your mission. What exactly can a partnership do for your business or organization?


  • Save on administrative costs

  • Improve range of services

  • Bring about new ideas

  • Increase brand exposure

  • Strengthen advocacy voice

  • Expand programs


About Partnering with Community Arts Experience, Inc. (C.A.E.)


Our experience with alternative learning led us to analyze how community professionals could best work together to create a significant education hub to develop non-traditional strategies that would best benefit individuals in dire need of the training and support services that we provide.


Over the past decade, C.A.E. developed a coalition-based approach to mobilize community professionals to engage in public action and volunteering to resolve high crime, high unemployment rates, high drop-out rates, chronic disease, mental health, and substance use disorders. 


New partnerships that help advance the work of our organization are always welcome. C.A.E. is interested in partnering with individual artists/instructors, organizations, or companies with solid brand images and reputations. Any prospective partner must have a strong mission and be an industry leader, whether new or established. Critical factors for evaluating a potential partner include the partner's ability to leverage its assets, raise awareness, make a corporate contribution, and/or raise funds and engage its employees and leadership, locally and nationally.

VIP Access


As a NEW partner, you get exclusive VIP access to a comprehensive portfolio of personal, professional, and business development resources and training — and you connect with professional industry experts across the Nation. Business support services are provided at a deep discount to allow you to focus on the activities that will drive your business forward:

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We look forward to discussing how we can work to transform culture collectively. A C.A.E. team representative will be in touch shortly. If you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call our corporate office toll-free at (866) 961-2239.

Community Ambassador
C.A.E. Champion
Independent Artist/Instructor Partner
C.A.E. Mentor
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C.A.E. Partner


  • C.A.E. Champion

    Every year
    Community Ambassador (Non-Instructor)
     365 day free trial
    • C.A.E. Marketplace™ Network Access
    • Professional Development & Training Opportunities
  • C.A.E. Mentor

    Every month
    Individual Artist/Instructor Partner
     365 day free trial
    • C.A.E. Champion Benefits, plus...
    • Fiscal Sponsorship Opportunities
    • Six (6) 15 sec. airtime space for ad on Prime Local TV
  • C.A.E. Partner

    Every month
    Company/Agency Partner
     365 day free trial
    • C.A.E. Champion & Mentor Benefits plus...
    • Program Evaluation & Assessment Services
    • Student/Client Registration Management Services
    • Six (6) 30 sec. airtime space for ad on Prime Local TV
    • Business Consultation with our CEO for 1-hour monthly

PAYMENT/AUTOMATIC RENEWAL: You agree to be charged at the time of subscription based on the type of plan you have selected. Your subscription will be renewed automatically and billed to your credit card/Paypal account at the beginning of each subscription period until you cancel the service. You may cancel at any time by following the procedure described in our Cancellation Policy below. The monthly subscription plans are renewed automatically on 30-day intervals, and the annual subscriptions plans are renewed automatically on 365-day intervals. CANCELLATION POLICY: All memberships and subscriptions provided by Community Arts Experience, Inc. (C.A.E.) will automatically renew. Cancellation request must be submitted by email to info@caeww.com at least 48 hours before the renewal date. Cancellation notice sent to info@caeww.com will terminate future use of the service and automatic renewals will end. There are no refunds.