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What is Flash Fellowship?


"Groups have done spontaneous meet-ups for years, so we do not lay claim to creating the practice; however, we have termed #flashfellowship to represent a unique experience to connect with people in relaxed settings that encourage meaningful spiritual & personal conversation and fun." - David & Phyllis Bush, Co-Owners of Flash Fellowship LLC


The intent of #flashfellowship is to get outside of traditional church settings and give people an opportunity to talk about what concerns them and encourage others by sharing personal insight and praying with and for those who desire it. Community faith leaders will host each meet-up and ensure a safe space to share.

This outreach initiative purposely meets in public spaces such as coffee shops, bookstores, public parks, and restaurants. These spaces not only provide access with limited physical barriers, but they also give the #flashfellowship visibility. This outreach initiative is a viable way to reach the community and encourage positive interactions among children, youth, and adults.


What should I expect?


We don't come to a #flashfellowship with an agenda, so the conversation is spontaneous and intentionally inspirational, and positive. During a #flashfellowship, people may raise questions, discuss personal experiences, share the gospel, participate in fun activities, or engage with the community and their host leadership.


#flashfellowship is a proud partner of Community Arts Experience and serves as a component of C.A.E.'s Students Taking Ownership Mentoring Project (S.T.O.M.P.) Countywide Initiative - Resilient Church Program. For more information about S.T.O.M.P., please click here.

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