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C.A.E. Diversion Project


  • Children ages 10-15 and transitional age youth ages 16-25 with emphasis on those who are at risk of or involved in the juvenile and adult justice systems.
  • Adults 26+ with emphasis on those who are at risk of or involved in the adult justice system.

C.A.E.'s Divergent Project employs The National Curriculum and Training Institute (NCTI) Crossroads® Cognitive-Behavioral Change System to teach pro-social behaviors through interactive learning. The curriculum focuses on the relationship between values, attitudes, and behaviors related to the decision-making process.  


Crossroads® evidence-based curricula are delivered in a group format and follow a precise sequence that leads participants from a general level of discussion to a specific behavioral commitment. This general-to-specific movement accomplishes five critical goals:

  1. Enables individuals to see the process as relevant to themselves

  2. Adapts the process to the participant’s own learning style by including interactive exercises that require full participation

  3. Expands personal comfort zones and expectations

  4. Internalizes information and helps participants practice pro-social skills

  5. Enhances the opportunity for personal discovery


Workshop topics include:


Adult Curricula

• Anger Management

• Cognitive Life Skills

• Domestic Violence

• Drugs & Alcohol


• Felony Offenses


• Misdemeanor Offenses

• Substance Abuse Intervention

Juvenile Curricula

• Anger Management

• Cognitive Life Skills

• Drugs & Alcohol

• Gang Involvement

• High-Risk Offender

• Misdemeanor Offenses

• Shoplifting

• Traffic Safety

• Truancy

For more information, email lead facilitator Brian Pleasant, Jr. at

Evidence-Based Curricula & Facilitator Certification Training from NCTI in Partnership with the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA)

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