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If you are interested in pursuing the possibility of obtaining a license agreement to operate a Community Arts Experience, Inc. (C.A.E.) company-owned social franchise, click on the Get Started link below to complete a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire. Someone from our development team will then contact you to discuss your Questionnaire and answer your questions about the application process.


Please keep in mind, however, that following the process does not guarantee your approval as a C.A.E. franchisee. It is intended only to provide you with some general guidelines on what to expect and what information will be considered if you decided to apply for a C.A.E. company-owned franchise. We reserve the right to modify the application process and our franchisee qualifications at any time without notice.



What You Do

  • Submit an inquiry about the franchise opportunity

  • Select your geographical areas of interest

  • Complete Prospective Franchisee Application

  • Sign and return Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Receipt


What We Do

  • Verify availability of area of interest

  • Review application

  • Conduct and review credit and background report

  • Issue Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)


Discovery Day

What You Do

C.A.E. HQ Experience: Hosted by C.A.E. of Pennsylvania. C.A.E. HQ Experience allows you to work in our headquarters location for two days while being shadowed by your team specialist.


What We Do

C.A.E. Discovery Day:  We conduct Discovery Days on an individual group basis to focus on your opportunity.  All prospective group members must attend Discovery Day hosted by C.A.E. of Pennsylvania.  Our representatives from the Operations, Training, Program, and Marketing teams will explain the support and services C.A.E. provides as a franchisor. After Discovery Day, the C.A.E. team will evaluate the fit of the individual(s) and decide to allow the prospective franchisee or prospective franchise group to move forward in our process.


Joining the C.A.E. Brand

What You Do

  • Submit Area of Consideration letter requesting development area within 60 days after meeting in Pennsylvania.

  • Schedule closing on new franchisee agreement and remit initial franchise fee.


What We Do

  • Obtain legal, organizational documents and prepare franchisee agreement closing documents.

  • Host closing in Farrell, Pennsylvania

  • Facilitate a meeting with you and your Pre-Opening Consultant


Site Selection

What You Do

  • Complete Site Selection Application and schedule an on-site visit with our development team


What We Do

  • Review your Site Selection Application

  • Travel to your site to evaluate the location and confirm whether or not it meets our minimum preferred site criteria

  • Issue an exclusive area



What You Do

  • Attend required training at C.A.E. of Pennsylvania

  • Build your team

    • Build Advisory Board

    • Connect with local government, faith, and community service organizations

    • Implement Mentor & Volunteer Recruitment Plans

  • Join the local Chamber of Commerce

  • Open for business


What We Do

  • Conduct frequent communication about your progress through your C.A.E. Team Representative.

  • Provide initial training to your management team

  • Review and approve your Grand Opening Plan

  • Provide assistance and additional training during the pre-opening process


Building Your C.A.E. Branch Location

What You Do

  • Operate your branch location in accordance with C.A.E.’s policies and procedures

  • Provide opportunities to others and be an outstanding member of your community

  • Maintain high standards and never compromise in quality, service, and effort


What We Do

  • Designate an operations consultant to serve as your primary point of contact with C.A.E.

  • Facilitate communication among the Franchisee community through annual conferences, regional group meetings, and C.A.E. Advisory Council

  • Continue to lead the Brand through continual improvement

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