C.A.E.'s 2nd Annual


Community Kickball Tournament

Saturday, July 30, 2022 @ 10 AM

Farrell Little League Complex
Located at the corner of Federal Street and Wallis Avenue

In collaboration with

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There are many drug and alcohol intervention programs out there that can help people conquer their addictions. However, at Community Arts Experience, Inc., we believe the key to helping increase resilience against addiction and substance misuse and other adverse outcomes amongst individuals requires a holistic development approach. Education focusing on caring, loving relationships, and cultivating social connections and support at the local and family levels are vital components to transforming culture.



Teams comprised of co-ed youth participants ages 10-17, parents, and adults from the Shenango Valley and surrounding faith communities will compete to win the coveted title of C.A.E.’s ‘Kick-The-Habit’ Kickball Community Champions and proudly house the 56” team trophy for one year.


A complimentary lunch will be provided for all event attendees.


During the lunch hour, participants will have an opportunity to hear  personal testimonies from keynote speakers on how they were able to “kick the habit” of addiction and live a life of freedom.


Additional educational resources will be made available throughout the event from C.A.E. STOMP partners and community services agencies. Cornhole game boards will be available to add to the fun for non-participating event attendees.

For more event information, please call Ms. Miah Bickley, Chief Learning Officer, at (866) 961-2239 ext. 2.

This event is sponsored by the Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission, Inc.