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At CAE, we are dedicated to the well-being and success of our participants, their families, schools, and communities spanning Western Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio, and Central Ohio. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support services that empower individuals to thrive. Our approach includes invaluable case management resources to ensure the seamless facilitation of services.


Our Core Services:


  • Case Management: CAE offers dedicated case management services to streamline and personalize the support journey for our participants. Our skilled professionals work closely with individuals and families to identify needs, set goals, and connect them with the right resources.


  • Mental Health Support (In partnership with Haven Professional Counseling, LLC): CAE recognizes the importance of mental health. We provide access to various mental health support services, including counseling and therapy, to nurture emotional well-being.


  • Affordable Housing: Stable housing is a fundamental need. CAE assists participants in finding affordable housing solutions to create secure and thriving living environments.


  • Transportation Solutions: We understand that reliable transportation is essential for accessing employment, education, and other vital services. CAE helps participants overcome transportation barriers.


  • Childcare Support: Balancing family and personal growth can be challenging. CAE offers childcare services, ensuring parents can pursue their goals while nurturing their children's development.


  • Quality Education: Education is a lifelong journey. CAE provides resources, tutoring, and mentorship to support participants' educational endeavors.


  • Employability Skills Training: We equip participants with the skills needed to secure meaningful employment. CAE's programs enhance job readiness and empower individuals to achieve their career aspirations.


  • Opioid and Substance Misuse Programs: Addressing the opioid and substance misuse crisis is a priority. CAE offers prevention and treatment programs, supporting individuals on their path to recovery.

  • Family Engagement: Adults and youth take action TOGETHER to create a community that values young people and builds the skills they need to lead positive, healthy lives through CAE's Mentors Coalition (CAE MCs). Benefits of becoming a CAE MC also include, but are not limited to:

1) Making a difference

2) Social connections

3) Connecting to resources

4) **Building your resume

5) Financial Literacy & Education Workshops

**Technology and Microsoft Office Suite Certifications are also made available


Our Collaborative Approach:

CAE understands that no single organization can address a community's complex needs. Therefore, we work closely with a network of community organizations and stakeholders. Together, we establish a comprehensive and coordinated system of services designed to eliminate barriers and improve access to vital resources.

At CAE, we firmly believe that the well-being and success of individuals and families are intertwined with the strength of their communities. Through our comprehensive services, dedicated case management, and collaborative efforts with community partners, we are committed to building stronger, more resilient communities where every individual can thrive.

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