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C.A.E. Worldwide


Entrepreneurial Training for Young People

C.A.E.’s “Young Enterprise Money Maker$” entrepreneurial training for young people combines the elements of education and poverty alleviation which are at the forefront of C.A.E.’s Development Goals. An intense but powerful course designed to show students that they too can be entrepreneurs, and discover the entrepreneur that lies within.

Students will:
  • Understand legal rights and responsibilities related to various personal and business practices

  • Understand the knowledge required for effective entry-level management of business

  • Understand the responsibilities of each type of business ownership

  • Understand the factors that can affect a pricing policy

  • Understand the importance of planning a total advertising campaign

  • Grasp the importance of planning

  • Understand the steps of problem solving

  • Appreciate the need for continuing research

  • Manage personal business affairs competently and independently

  • Facilitate and encourage leadership and personal development

  • Develop skills and knowledge to compete successfully for jobs in business

  • Develop desirable work habits and attitudes in realizing the value of work

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